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Chemical Weapons from Saudi Arabia?

Michael S. Rozeff
LewRockwell.com [1]
September 1, 2013

I linked to a video suggesting chemicals going to rebels from Saudi Arabia. There also were scattered reports of rebels having chemical agents. Now there is a report saying that the gas event in Syria arose from a Saudi shipment of chemical weapons to an al Qaeda linked group. This contradicts the U.S. intelligence report of Syrian government activity.

The article is credible. One of the reporters is an AP correspondent, even though the article is not an AP report. Another report says that rebels admitted this to the reporter. Here is a similar report. There is also an interview with an anonymous member of the Libyan Defense Ministry.

His comments explain the motivation of the Saudi Prince Bandar in alledgedly shipping the chemicals, suggest that the nerve gas came from Israel, and point to Saudi Arabia’s support of al Qaeda and Chechnyan terrorists. Solid information in all these matters is hard to come by.

Full story here. [1]