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China installs 40,000 CCTV cameras in Xinjiang ahead of anniversary of deadly riots

London Telegraph
Malcolm Moore [1]
July 2, 2010

China has installed 40,000 high-definition ‘Eagle-Eye’ surveillance cameras in the far west region of Xinjiang days before the first anniversary of ethnic riots that left 200 people dead.

The security cameras, with “riot-proof” casings, have been placed on buses, in schools and in shopping centres, as well as on the street, said Ma Xinchun, a government spokesman.

In the regional capital, Urumqi, where the rioting took place last yea [2]r, a total of 8,400 cameras have been installed, while 5,000 extra troops have been sent to ensure that Monday’s anniversary passes peacefully.

The government “will increase the police presence in key places, vital sectors and public areas,” said the government-run Tianshannet website. The Chinese government believes there is a serious terrorist threat in Xinjiang.

Last year, tensions between local Muslim Uighurs and Han Chinese settlers erupted into days of violence, with 197 killed and more than 1,700 people injured.

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