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China Is Quietly Becoming Gold Superpower

Washington’s Blog [1]
Nov 5, 2012

While Western central banks have frittered away their gold [2], China is quietly building up its reserves.

China is the world’s largest gold producer [3].

goldproduction2011 China Is Quietly Becoming Gold Superpower

And yet – according to various sources – gold bullion brokers have not seen any gold coming from China [4].

In other words, China is producing more gold than any other country, but isn’t exporting any of it.

In addition, china is importing huge amounts of gold [5].

As such, China is quietly becoming a gold superpower.

Note: China has a habit of being quiet for several years at a time, and then announcing big increases in gold holdings. So quoting old numbers will only mean that one is caught flat-footed as to China’s current holdings.