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Chinese man was unlawfully sent to ‘re-education through labour’ camp

London Telegraph [1]
Wednesday, September 12, 2012

A Chinese man who served two years in a “re-education through labour” camp is entitled to compensation after a local panel ruled he was unlawfully sent there, according to his lawyer.

Peng Hong was sent to the camp near his hometown of Chongqing, the city once run by disgraced Communist party leader Bo Xilai, in September 2009 for two years after re-posting a political cartoon mocking an anti-crime crackdown in the southwestern city, China’s Southern Metropolis Daily reported.

Lawyer Pu Zhiqiang said Peng should receive 160 yuan (£15) in compensation for each day spent at the camp after a local panel overseeing the education through reform system ruled officials had acted wrongly by sending him there.

“According to the rules of re-education through labour, they should not have punished him this way,” Mr Pu said, adding that he was confident the compensation money would be received.

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