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Chris Matthews declares Rand Paul will be the 2016 GOP presidential nominee

Jeff Poor
Daily Caller [1]
August 8, 2013

Once again, someone at the left-leaning MSNBC has predicted the fate of the Republican Party.

On his Wednesday program, “Hardball” host Chris Matthews forecasted that the GOP would go “hard right” and nominate Kentucky Republican Sen. Rand Paul as its 2016 presidential nominee.

“I’ve been offering a prediction of late. Let me nail it down tonight,” Matthews said. “I believe the Republican Party is going to go hard-right in 2016. It’s going to run someone from the growing hard-right wing of the party, something it hasn’t done since 1980. And here’s the thinking, which works equally well for Democrats as well: Parties, as you’ve noticed, face a conflict every four years. Should they run someone who represents their strongest passions, right or left? Or do they run someone who appeals to the middle?”


They put up with George Bush the first, put up with Bob Dole, were deeply disappointed by the big-spending George W and last year, again, by Mitt Romney, and are now going to come loaded for bear into the race for 2016. So, I predict the hard right is going to take over the Republican Party in 2016 and that the nomination is going to Rand Paul. You watch, this is what I do for a living.”

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