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Climategate: How Faine censored the sceptical news

Andrew Bolt
Herald Sun [1]
Friday, Nov 27th, 2009

ABC radio host Jon Faine explains why he will not even discuss a story which has:

* caused an international controversy [2]

* shocked world leaders in climate science [3]

* triggered calls for an inquiry by a former British Chancellor of the Exchequer

* caused fellow Leftist and warmist crusader George Monbiot to call for the resignation of one of the warmist scientists [4], and complain that fellow Leftists who ignore it are in denial.

* helped to prompt a Liberal revolt against Malcolm Turnbull

* caused warmist crusader Tim Flannery to confess on ABC television for the first time that the world had indeed been cooling, and ”when the computer modelling and the real world data disagrees you have a problem [5]” and “we have to understand why the cooling is occurring, because the current modelling doesn’t reflect it”.

Full article here [1]

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