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Clinton-Controlled Daily Beast Labels Hillary Health Questions a “Hoax”

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Publication owned by company with direct ties to Clinton Foundation

Paul Joseph Watson
Prison Planet.com
August 10, 2016


The leftist media is beginning to get nervous about suspicions regarding Hillary Clinton’s health.

The Clinton-controlled Daily Beast published hit pieces targeting yours truly and Mike Cernovich – the two primary drivers of questions over Hillary’s health – on the same day. Coincidence?

In an article entitled ‘Is Hillary Dying’ Hoax Started by Pal of Alex Jones, Daily Beast Senior News Editor Ben Collins claims that concerns over Hillary’s health and odd behavior are contrived by ‘wingnuts’ with over-active imaginations.

In a separate article published virtually simultaneously, Mike Cernovich, who was responsible for first circulating the photos of Hillary being helped up the steps that were later splashed on the Drudge Report, was attacked by the Daily Beast as a “date rape apologist”.

It’s hardly a surprise that the Daily Beast is going after the two biggest progenitors of questions over Hillary’s ill health given that the publication is basically a mouthpiece for the Clintons.

The Daily Beast is owned by IAC. Who sits on the board of directors at IAC? None other than Chelsea Clinton.

To emphasize, Chelsea Clinton, the Vice Chair of the Clinton Foundation, is on the board of the company that owns the Daily Beast, a publication that functions as an attack dog for Hillary Clinton and constantly pushes narratives that are sympathetic to Hillary Clinton.

No conflict of interest there then….

The Daily Beast’s pro-Hillary bias has been pointed out innumerable times, with Cenk Uygur, hardly a right-wing conservative, being one of its most prominent critics.

Just like Media Matters, Think Progress and the rest – the Daily Beast is little more than an arm of the Democratic Party establishment.

That’s why it fell in line with the DNC’s dirty tricks, revealed by the Wikileaks email hack, by consistently pushing the narrative that Bernie Sanders was not electable.

Now let’s tackle the flagrant lies Collins spewed in his hit piece on me.

Lie #1: The headline of the article, which claimed I said Hillary was “dying”.

Wrong. I never claimed that Hillary was “dying”. I said she obviously had health problems that made her unfit to handle the most stressful job in the world. Collins can only make it to the third word of his article before misleading his readers.

Lie #2: The controversy over Hillary’s health was not “started” by me.

The fifth word of Collins’ article is also a lie. Questions have been swirling for four years since Hillary suffered her brain clot. They picked up steam again when Breitbart reported on the issue seven months ago in an article entitled There’s Something Seriously Wrong With Hillary Clinton’s Health. The assertion that I “started” the controversy is incredibly sloppy research.

Lie #3: The subheadline, which asserts I cite Martin Shkreli as my only medical source.

Wrong. In the original video that has gone viral, Martin Shkreli is not cited as a source. I cite numerous health experts who I talked to privately that wanted to remain anonymous (for obvious reasons). I also cited medical professionals quoted by Breitbart, including Neurologist Dr. Daniel Kassicie and director of cerebrovascular and skull base surgery Dr. Nicholas C. Bambakidis. The Breitbart article was the entire foundation of the video, which is why I featured lengthy excerpts from it.

I also mentioned the claims of John Cardillo, a former officer who provided VIP security details for the New York Police Department (NYPD). Cardillo said he was told by a federal agent and another NYPD officer who worked security at Hillary events that Hillary had major heath problems and was often dizzy and disoriented.

Collins didn’t mention this in his article.

Collins also conveniently omitted my answer to one of his questions, in which I told him that “numerous federal agents, police officers and health experts” had already gone public to say that Hillary was sick long before my original video came out. He deliberately chose to leave this answer out of the article to make it appear as though I had cited no sources and that I had invented the story out of fresh air.

Since the article, both Dr. Fiona Gupta and Dr. Marc Siegel have also called for Hillary’s health history to be released. For how much longer can Collins and the Daily Beast claim this is all a “hoax” and still keep a straight face?

Lie #4: Comedian Patton Oswalt citing his anonymous “therapist friend,” who told him that Donald Trump has borderline personality disorder, is a credible argument.

Stupid. Collins just wrote an entire article bemoaning the fact that I don’t name my anonymous sources, then cites an anonymous source provided by a comedian to suggest that it’s Trump who has psychological problems.

Weak Ben, really weak.

Lie #5: Collins says that I claimed Hillary “has Parkinson’s disease, syphilis, brain damage, a brain tumor, autism, a degenerative disease that is giving her seizures and/or strokes, and a blood clot,” as well as a “drug problem”. As in she has all of these problems.

Wrong. I never said that Hillary had all of these problems, I asked whether she had any of them given her strange behavior and what medical experts have said about her health.

Collins’ assertion that Clinton “fully recovered” after her documented 2012 health problems is also based on what Hillary’s doctors told the media. Hardly an impartial source, yet Collins swallows it as gospel. I wonder if his gullibility has anything to do with the fact that he’s writing for a Clinton-controlled publication? Surely not.

The Daily Beast is also presumably so afraid of people pointing out the error-riddled content of its articles that it has removed the comments section from them entirely. Again – really weak.

The publication also has a history of lying about Infowars, with Collins’ colleague Olivia Nuzzi once claiming that Alex Jones denied the moon landings took place – something that never actually happened.

When I confronted the normally chatty Nuzzi on why she’s paid only to troll conservatives and not Hillary, she suddenly went quiet.

Gee, I wonder why?

Could it be because Ben Collins, Olivia Nuzzi and everyone else at the Daily Beast – a Clinton mouthpiece – are paid presstitutes whose job it is to write snarky hit pieces smearing Hillary’s critics?

I’m sure that’s just a “conspiracy theory” too.


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Paul Joseph Watson is the editor at large of Infowars.com and Prison Planet.com.

This article was posted: Wednesday, August 10, 2016 at 11:22 am

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