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CNN Compares Trump to Nero ‘While the West Burns,’ MSNBC Smears Him as ‘Stalinist’

Newsbusters [1]
August 5, 2018

During two different cable news broadcasts on Friday morning, personalities compared President Trump to two different  “strong men” dictators, apparently growing tired of the Hitler comparison. CNN senior political commentator and former Obama aide David Axelrod compared Trump to the Roman Emperor Nero while MSNBC’s Jon Meacham described him as “Stalinist.”

On New Day, Axelrod compared President Trump to Nero while complaining about the President’s reversal of Obama-era environmental policies. After declaring with a straight face that he wasn’t concerned about the Obama legacy, Axelrod effectively blamed the Trump administration’s roll-back of Obama-era environmental policies for the wildfires plaguing California and compared the President to the tyrannical Roman emperor: “I mean you look at these wildfires. I mean Trump is literally Nero while the west burns.”

When asked about the press briefing by U.S. intelligence leaders on Russian meddling, Axelrod declared: “We have a bipolar administration. We have a President saying one thing and his administration saying another. It’s important that they did what they did. It’s also important for the President to stop undercutting that message and sending signals to Moscow that the back door is going to be open.”

Less than two hours earlier on Morning Joe, liberal historian Jon Meacham described the President’s declaration of the “free press” as the enemy of the American people as “Stalinist.” He also urged the administration to “stop playing this totalitarian card” and echoed the concern of CNN’s sanctimonious White House correspondent Jim Acosta that “somebody is going to get hurt” as a result of the President’s media criticism.

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