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CNN Lavishes Coffee Party With Favorable Coverage After A Year Of Tea Party Demonization

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Proof positive that the Coffee Party, run by an Obama campaign operative, is an establishment front

Paul Joseph Watson
Prison Planet.com
Tuesday, March 9, 2010

The corporate media is once again lavishing the “Coffee Party” with favorable coverage after having demonized the Tea Party as racist extremists for nearly a year, proof positive that the much vaunted new movement, which is run by an Obama campaign operative, is nothing more than a front for the establishment.

In a new report entitled, Coffee Party, Tea alternative?, CNN’s Lisa Sylvester allows Coffee Party members to talk at length about how they are more “reasonable” than Tea Party members and how the Coffee Party represents a genuine alternative that will “stop shouting and get things done in Washington” without spewing “hateful rhetoric”.

Watch the clip.

The report implies that the movement is a rampaging success across the country despite the fact that the gatherings shown in the clip consist of no more than a dozen people, whereas Tea Party events have been attended by hundreds of thousands of people for nearly a year.

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CNN glosses over the fact that Coffee Party founder Annabel Park is an Obama campaign operative, with the tone of the host dismissing it as no big deal, before promoting the Coffee Party’s next national event on March 13th.

Compare the establishment’s favorable coverage of the Coffee Party to their treatment of the Tea Party, which has been demonized as a fringe movement of racist extremists since it first organically grew out of the End the Fed protests almost three years ago.

During early coverage of the Tea Party protests, CNN’s Susan Roesgen treated Tea Party activists with antagonism and bias, constantly interrupting them and portraying the group as an entirely unreasonable mob who were “anti-government, anti-CNN, since this is highly promoted by the right-wing, conservative network Fox.”

After the live feed ended, Roesgen was confronted by activists who accused her of smearing the Tea Party message by failing to point out that it was non-partisan and that Republicans were being held responsible as well as Democrats.

“That’s not representative of most of the people out here,” charged an unidentified woman after the CNN cameras were turned off. Confronting Roesgen, she added, “You are not talking to regular, mainstream people; you picked people to talk to. … We’ve watched what you’ve been doing here, and it’s not fair.”

Watch the clip below, which is a back-up version of the original which CNN ordered removed from the You Tube website.

There’s no doubt that the Tea Party has largely been penetrated by Republican and neo-conservative operatives over the last few months who have sought to infiltrate the ranks and take over the movement from within.

However, unlike the Coffee Party, the Tea Party began as a genuine grass roots movement centered around opposition to the two party monopoly that has destroyed America.

Coffee Party founder Park campaigned for Obama in 2008 and was one of the organizers and operators of the influential United for Obama video channel at YouTube.

“I found that people have little understanding of the change that Senator Barack Obama is advocating. I thought from my experience in using videos for civil movements that videos would be the best way to promote the need for change and for Obama. That’s why I decided to work for the Obama campaign,” Park said.

She made over twenty promotional videos for the Obama campaign that drew tens of thousands of views.

This revelation, along with the discovery that Park is a former Strategy Analyst at the NY Times, [Park’s Linked In page has been taken down, here is a cached link] explains why she has received a great deal of mainstream media coverage recently.


The Times and the Washington Post both recently ran glowing articles on Park, a factor that immediately raised suspicion over her grass roots credentials.

Clearly, either the newspapers were incapable of googling her name or taking five minutes to look into her activities, or they were fully aware of Park’s intentions and background and chose not to include it in their pieces. Since Park’s ties to the Obama campaign were revealed by bloggers, the corporate media has been forced to address it, although as you saw earlier in the CNN piece, the tone is very much contrived towards, “move along, nothing to see here”.

In addition, Park’s various tweets reveal that, far from being open to working with Tea Party activists, “reasonable” and free of “hateful rhetoric” as the CNN piece implies, Park appears to have a vitriolic hatred of them, accusing Tea Party activists of indulging in “paranoid fantasies”. Most telling of all, Park writes that the Coffee Party needs to “re-engage the grassroots movement that got Obama elected”.

The fact that the corporate media, which is owned by the military-industrial complex, is heaping praise on the Coffee Party tells you all you need to know about the nature of what the Coffee Party represents – an attempt to revitalize the legions of Obamanoid cult members and get the stuttering agenda for big government socialism back on track.

This article was posted: Tuesday, March 9, 2010 at 5:41 am

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