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CNN Panelist: Bill Clinton Rape Allegations Are “F-ing Ridiculous, Dude”

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More in depth analysis from the Clinton News Network

Steve Watson
Prison Planet.com
October 12, 2016

A CNN panelist dismissed Bill Clinton’s documented history of sexual abuse against women as ‘F-ing ridiculous dude’ on a broadcast of Erin Burnett Outfront, as the networks continue to cover for the Clintons while devoting vast swathes of air time to Trump’s ‘locker room banter’ tape from 2005.

The comments were made by ‘liberal’ CNN political commentator Angela Rye, who went absolutely crazy and almost yelled obscenities when the ‘conservative’ member of the panel brought up documented accounts of Hillary Clinton’s attacks on the women who have accused Bill Clinton of sexual abuse.

When Kayleigh McEnany said that Hillary had hired private investigators to spy on and intimidate Bill’s sexual assault victims, and charged that Hillary “facilitated his actions,” Rye lost it and began yelling.

“No, she didn’t! She — what — how did she facilitate it when she wasn’t! No, no, no, no, no. Because it’s not — that’s rape culture, Kayleigh. You’re blaming someone who succumbed to committing adultery on her! We’re Christians, so let’s talk about what that is!” Rye spluttered out in a child like fashion.

McEnany continued her line of points, noting that Hillary has not denied any of the accusations, despite being given the opportunity to do so.

“But you know why? Because it’s F-ing ridiculous, dude.” Rye shouted.

“It’s so ridiculous. It’s crazy. I can’t believe y’all. I really can’t. Meanwhile, Roger Stone is paying $2,500 of another victim, and that’s what you all are going to be proud of? Bought off victims? Give me a break!” Rye blurted.

This in depth analysis from CNN is par for the course. On Monday, panelist Jackie Kucinich, who also works for The Daily Beast, said that any accusation of Bill Clinton committing sexual abuse, or of Hillary threatening his victims to keep quiet, come “straight out of conspiracy theory land.”

Rye’s meltdown highlights how Clinton supporters simply cannot face the truth about who the real Hillary is. Whenever Bill Clinton’s sexual abuse history is brought up they instantly throw a tantrum, because they have no legitimate defense for the behavior of both Clintons.

Yet the same toy-throwing pram dwellers have no problem yapping endlessly about Donald Trump saying the word ‘pussy’ 12 years ago, as if that is somehow on the same level of seriousness.

Indeed, the major news networks have devoted 198 minutes of air time to the Trump tape since Friday. In comparison, they have only spent 13 minutes of air time on the Wikileaks Clinton email releases, which have contained scores of heavy duty revelations about Hillary’s campaign and her actions as Secretary of State.

That constitutes an imbalance of 15 to 1. The mainstream media has devoted FIFTEEN times more airtime to Donald Trump saying ‘pussy’ than it has to the Wikileaks revelations.

This is not surprising, however, given that many of those revelations have been about how Hillary has the media in her pocket, having veto privileges with the New York Times, and staffers bragging about how certain reporters will parrot Clinton talking points.

And that’s another example of why 94 percent of Americans do not trust the mainstream media.

This article was posted: Wednesday, October 12, 2016 at 10:10 am

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