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CNNers: Trump Held ‘Fake Briefing’ Partially Because of Our Reporting

Newsbusters [1]
January 4, 2019

Still irritated by President Trump [2] taking no questions during his first appearance in the White House press room on Thursday, CNN Tonight host Don Lemon was so exasperated that he started making up words. “Can you believe this day? Oh, my gosh. April, before we get into any of this, were you there when the fake briefing….The ‘friefing’ [was called],” he asked CNN political analyst April Ryan.

And according to her, not only was it to “upstage” Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA), Trump held the briefing because of recent CNN reporting.

Recounting where she was when she was notified about the impending briefing, Ryan claimed she knew deep down in her “spirit” that Trump would be there. “And I knew, I knew, I said for them to hurry up and pull something together like that, I said the President’s coming out. And I knew in my spirit that he was coming out. And sure enough, he came,” she sensationalized. Seriously.

According to Ryan, the briefing was “interesting” because not only was it designed to “upstage” Pelosi, “[b]ut it was also to answer the reports that were on CNN.” “Remember those reports this week that have been on CNN that the president has not made it in the briefing room at all in two years? So he hit two birds with one stone,” she insisted before adding, “But more so to upstage Nancy Pelosi.

“As soon as I heard it, I said stunt, stunt, stunt. It’s going to be exactly like the President Obama was not born in this country birther thing,” Lemon exclaimed.

A short time later, Lemon elaborated on the new word he invented. “So I call it, April, as I said, a “friefing” because it’s a fake briefing. Right? The President had “friefing” today but Speaker Pelosi held a real briefing,” he chided. “It wasn’t even a briefing,” Ryan tagged on.

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