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CNN’s “Climate Change” Dishonesty

Bill Anderson
Lew Rockwell [1]
Friday, May 29, 2009

Unlike the good sense that Vin Suprynowicz gave us today [2] on LRC, CNN is spreading more dishonest propaganda on “climate change.” The latest headline from CNN is: “Report: Climate change crisis ‘catastrophic’ [3]“.

According to this new “study,” “climate change” is “killing 300,000 people each year.” How do we know? Well, it seems that the “study” from the Global Humanitarian Forum has interpreted events in a very creative manner. CNN declares:

Of the 300,000 lives being lost each year due to climate change, the report finds nine out of 10 are related to “gradual environmental degradation,” and that deaths caused by climate-related malnutrition, diarrhea and malaria outnumber direct fatalities from weather-related disasters.

How do they know what is caused by normal weather patterns and by “global warming”? Well, they don’t. They just transfer deaths by storms and other things to the “global warming” category with the full knowledge that news organizations will pick up this stuff and declare the report to be ex cathedra.



I especially find the malaria deaths statistic interesting as we know that the main reason that so many people die each year of malaria in the Third World is because environmental groups have fought any use at all of DDT being sprayed in the homes of people (not in mass sprayings, as used to be the case).

CNN’s dishonesty continues as it published photos of the alleged “devastation” [5] being caused by human-oriented “global warming.” Notice that Ted Turner’s organization does not tell us that glaciers have been melting for a long time, and that there were huge storms around the globe long before the “global warming” nannies came on the scene.