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Col. Lawrence Wilkerson Predicts A Constitutional Crisis If America Attacks Iran

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Saman Mohammadi
The Excavator
Sept 20, 2011

On September 12, 2011, Col. Lawrence Wilkerson, the former chief of staff to Colin Powell, warned that America is being foolishly led into a disastrous war with Iran that will spark anger in the Pentagon and create a “huge constitutional crisis,” in Washington. Speaking to an audience in Washington D.C., Col. Wilkerson said:

Right now there is a move similar to the move with Iraq in say, 97′ and 98, but today with regard to Iran. And it is made even more poisonous and dangerous by the fact that it is attached to an issue that we simply cannot deal with rationally in Washington – Israel.

He added:

We’re marching towards, with the neocons and others who are advocating it, another war with Iran. And the military wants out of that. There are some in the military who’ll go right along with it, of course, but the basic leadership of all the services and the Joint Chiefs of Staff kept George Bush and Dick Cheney from going to war with Iran by their reluctance to go along and their constant drumbeat of ‘You can’t mean it, Mr. President. Another theatre in Western Asia?’

We can’t even handle the two theatres we’ve got. And you want another theatre? You’ve hired enough private contractors to equate to another army, and another navy, and another marine core just to do Iraq and Afghanistan. How many contractors you’re going to hire to do Iran?

We’re talking about seventy one million people who are much more fused than Iraq was. You’re talking about a five-year ground combat campaign to conquer a nation that is not going to give up until you’ve killed at least half of that population.

So, watch carefully, as we move through the next few years and these people try to build the drumbeat for war with Iran as an inevitability.

Israel. Inevitability. Got to.

Or watch and see if Israel starts it and we have to come pick up the pieces. And then see what your Pentagon does. This is a recipe for a huge constitutional crisis.

The international crisis is as dire as Col. Wilkerson has described it, if not more so.

But at least there is a sane and rational military voice in America who is voicing his fears and frustrations in public. We need more honest and rational people to talk about the unspeakable: world war three.

What matters most in historical crises like the one that humanity is going through in this age is leadership, leadership, leadership. We need peacemakers to emerge in America, Israel and Iran, and end all this foolish talk about war and death. I’m tired of hearing “Death to America,” and “Death to Islam,” and “Death to Israel.” This isn’t 431 B.C. Wars today don’t take place in distant battlefields, they take place in populated cities. Wars in this age end civilizations and epochs, not states.

I watched Wilkerson’s five minute speech last night on my iPhone and I got chills. I couldn’t sleep, so I stayed up and wrote some stuff.

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Below I’ve listed the military realities in America, the consequences of world war three, the possible outcomes to a political and constitutional crisis in America, and some curveballs that will dramatically alter our lives and our countries.

U.S. Military Realities:

– Military division about the purpose and goals of another war.
– Military dissatisfaction with the progress in the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq.
– Military opposition to an irrational and belligerent Israel and their cheerleaders in Washington.
– Low morale in the Military. Suicide is at an all time high. There is an excessive use of mercenaries and private contractors. Treacherous civilian leadership is treating the rank and file like cattle.

Consequences of World War 3 – Iran/Hezbollah/Iraq/Syria/Afghanistan/Pakistan vs America/Israel/England/NATO/Saudi Arabia:

– Tens of millions killed. 95% + will be civilians. Mass suffering and chaos for years to come. Use of nuclear bombs on Iranian cities by US and Israel to make Iran submit.
– Growth of Anti-American resentment that will last for generations. Also, Anti-Jewish sentiment will increase around the world. British journalist Alan Hart has predicted a rise in anti-Semitism if Israel’s political leaders continue their unpopular policies towards Palestine and the Middle East. Israel will be the most hated country historically speaking, exceeding the hatred against Nazi Germany. America will be a close second in the hate chart.
– There will be an increased number of Terrorist attacks in the US.
– Destruction of Israel, Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan, Lebanon, Palestine. These nations will be ruined and devastated economically, physically and socially. Kamikaze Iranians and Muslims will strike the West where it is most weak – the economy, via oil tankers and other Western petroleum infrastructure in the Persian Gulf.
– Bankruptcy and economic collapse of America. End of the American empire. Massive social and political crisis in the United States. Urban rioting and violent protests. There will be crime on a scale that will test the institutions of American society and the cohesiveness of American communities. This will be a period of great Internal Instability in America. Volatile political changes are inevitable, but whether they will be for the better or worse is a matter of leadership.
-Remaking of the global political system and human society. Creation of a world system based on totalitarian principles and authoritarian philiosophy. A Hobbesian global leviathan will emerge to “fix” all our problems and crises.

Possible Outcomes To A Prolonged U.S. Crisis:

– Restoration of America’s Constitutional Republic. End of the military-industrial complex, tyrannical shadow national security state, and America’s special relationship with Israel. The federal government remains strong enough to maintain the union. This will be preceded by mass popular movements and a period of great social upheaval.
– America Goes Totally Totalitarian and Authoritarian with a full-fledged police state. Martial law will be declared. There will be a military dictatorship in America that is directly owned and operated by banksters, transnational corporations and globalist oligarchs.
-North American Union, as the key cornerstone of a world government, will be called for by the media and government leaders. This will mark the end of the North American middle class. Massive government corruption will follow (TSA bribes). Red tape security will define America. The Sovietization of America will be complete.
– State Secession. Break up of America based on economic and demographic considerations. This could be messy in some regions and peaceful in others.
– A New democratic world government is created, based on the people’s consent. America’s republic is not restored, but the country also does not become a police state part of a global dictatorial government. People, especially the left, may support a legitimate world government with the end of private banking, CFR imperialism and the Soviet style control of the US economy.


– A mass plague hits the world. A 21st century black death will decimate the global population. This will dramatically reduce resistance to a totalitarian global government.
– An American Valkyrie. A July 20 plot goes live. A military revolt in the US, backed by the people, against Israel, aipac, neocons, new world order, the foreign federal reserve, and the authoritarian oligarchy.
– The American people storm Washington and forcefully take back their country. They end the wars, the corrupt Federal Reserve, the special relationship with Israel, restore individual freedoms and punish the traitors responsible for 9/11 and the looting of America.
– A Second Civil War in America. Ongoing terror attacks strike America. Detention centers, and concentration camps come into use. Christian militarism, and Mexican-centered anti-American militarism come into being. Various gangs compete for resources and territory. High gun violence. State insurrections. Pure hell and chaos engulfs the United States.
– A Peaceful American Revolution. Civilian leaders join with retired and active military leaders to tranisition America from a state of war to peace, from empire back to a constitutional republic, from tyranny to freedom. A Renaissance of citizenship takes place, encouraged by the social media and alternative media.

This article was posted: Tuesday, September 20, 2011 at 3:03 am

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