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Cold War aftermath: Chinese villains in Hollywood remake ‘Red Dawn’ replaced with N. Koreans

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Hollywood filmmakers behind the remake of “Red Dawn”, the 1984 Cold War classic about young Americans waging a guerrilla war against Soviet-led invaders, have changed the origins of the new villains. The new ‘bad guys’ are now North Korean.

Originally it was filmed with Chinese invaders, the villains were changed in postproduction to preserve China’s lucrative box office market, the Los Angeles Times reported.

Although the invaders are not Al Qaeda terrorists but the North Korean military, one of the film’s producers Beau Flynn told the newspaper the remake was actually inspired by the post-September 11 anxiety.

Fellow producer Tripp Vinson, meanwhile, said he still remembered the time when his country was up to its neck in the Cold War with “an evil empire”, the USSR.

“I remember as a kid there were times when we had to get under our desks and do those types of things to prepare for God-knows-what,” Tripp Vinson, told the Los Angeles Times.

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