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Colorado’s magazine-limit bill further reaching than opponents imagined

Greg Campbell
Daily Caller [1]
March 16, 2013

Colorado Democratic Rep. Rhonda Fields, whose bill to ban ammunition magazines that hold more than 15 rounds ignited an ongoing firestorm of protest and which could cost the state jobs if a manufacturer of such equipment makes good on its promise [2] to move to another state, didn’t realize that her bill would outlaw practically every magazine currently for sale in the state.

That’s because the bill specifies that magazines that can be “readily converted” to hold more than 15 bullets will also be outlawed.

Practically every magazine on the market can be easily converted with readily available extenders, as demonstrated in a video [3] posted by John Caldera, the president of the libertarian Independence Institute.

Caldera demonstrates the ease with which the standard 15-round magazine for his Glock 19 pistol can be converted to hold 17 rounds by removing the base plate and installing the extender. Practically all magazines have removable base plates so that they can be cleaned.

Full story here. [1]