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Congressman on George Zimmerman Verdict: Defense Attorney ‘May Incite a Riot’

Matt Berman
National Journal
July 14, 2013


This bold response came early from Texas Rep. Joaquin Castro, who is widely viewed as a big part of the Democratic Party’s future:

Castro was referring, in part, to statements during a defense press conference Saturday night where O’Mara said that if George Zimmerman had been black, he never would have been charged with Trayvon Martin’s murder. In explaining that opinion, O’Mara said that “those people who decided that they were going to make [Zimmerman] a scapegoat would not have” if he he was black. As The New Yorker‘s Jeffrey Toobin pointed out, O’Mara didn’t really do himself any favors opining here, calling his statements [2] “absurd.” The defense’s position, which won out in the end with the jury, was that Zimmerman shot Martin in self-defense.

Castro later followed-up:

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