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Congressman Takes On Invasive Vans That Peer Into Homes

Chaffetz worried about vans that can peek into cars and homes

Randall Jeppesen
KSL.com [1]
Friday, August 27, 2010

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SALT LAKE CITY — Utah Congressman Jason Chaffetz is speaking out against vans that carry scanning technology inside them that allows people to see through the walls of cars, trucks, and even into homes.

“These vans essentially can look through the walls of your home, look through the walls of a vehicle or a container and they can tell what’s inside. They can see through people’s clothes and give you some great detail about people’s bodies, much like they do at the airport. That’s pretty scary,” Chaffetz tells KSL Newsradio.



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Chaffetz says there are a few legitimate uses for the vans during a hostage situation or on the border to inspect trucks coming into the country, but he says other uses of the technology are an invasion of privacy that must be limited.

“To think that a van can drive down the street and literally look through the walls of a home and see who is inside and what they are doing. It was cute and funny when we thought about it in the context of Superman but when you realize they have already sold 500 of these vans, I’ve got real concerns about how and where we are using these,” says Chaffetz.

The congressman says he’s already working on legislation aimed at limiting what circumstances these Z Backscatter Vans, or ZBV’s as they are called, could be used for.

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