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Continetti on Clinton Wall Street Speeches: It Goes to the Heart of Her Untrustworthiness Problem

Washington Free Beacon [1]
October 9, 2016

Washington Free Beacon editor in chief Matthew Continetti appeared Friday on Fox News to discuss Donald Trump’s newly leaked audio remarks [2] and Hillary Clinton’s Wall Street speeches [3].

“We’re just getting these emails, so we’re kind of going through them live realtime,” host Bret Baier said. “Obviously the audio came out late this afternoon and a number of places went whole hog with i,t and you could see why networks maybe are going to take that.”

Commenting on Clinton’s Wall Street speeches, Continetti said that Trump may try to use these speeches against Clinton in Sunday night’s presidential debate.

“Where she talks about sometimes you need to have a public position in addition to your private position and that goes to the heart of the untrustworthiness problem that Hillary Clinton has had throughout this campaign,” Continetti said.

Continetti also commented on the audio released Friday afternoon showing Trump making disparaging remarks about women.

“The rhetoric is extreme, even for Trump, which is saying something,” Continetti said.