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Copenhagen: climate change talks ‘should fail’

Andrew Hough
London Telegraph [1]
Thursday, Dec 3rd, 2009

The Copenhagen summit talks are so deeply flawed that it would be better if they failed, one of the world’s leading climate change scientists, Dr James Hansen, has said.

Dr Hansen, who was one of the first scientists to warn of the dangers of global warming more than two decades ago, said that any deal reached at the UN Climate Summit in Copenhagen would be a “disaster track” for the world.

He said it would be better for world leaders to rip them up and start over again.

Dr Hansen, the head of Nasa’s Goddard Institute for Space Studies in New York, said there should be no compromise, comparing the need to stand firm with Churchill’s stance against the Nazis and Abraham Lincoln’s opposition to slavery.

Dr Hansen is vehemently opposed to the carbon market schemes currently proposed, where permits to pollute are bought and sold.

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