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Copenhagen: Twitter is FURIOUS

Damian Thompson
London Telegraph [1]
Saturday, Dec 19th, 2009

@350: A tweet cannot express the level of frustration & disappointment I feel w/Obama right now. So much for change. #cop15

@TheEcoist: White House Announces Completely Meaningless Agreement in Climate Talks

@pablobullrich Now im really mad…. SHAME ON U LEADERS!

@dostaninski So disappointed in you Obama @whitehouse-you droped the ball in #copenhagen. I voted for you to get the job done-know you have lost my faith

@tomcallow Main decision reported from #Copenhagen seems to be agreement to keep to 2-degree temperature rise. Are you serious? Is that it? #cop15

@dinaecurrisam apparently we are not saving the planet anymore. oh well. I guess we should all move to “Planet B”??? #copenhagen

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