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Cops Caught On Tape Talking About Stealing Man’s Property

Scott Lewis, Ann Mullen, Ross Jones
WXYZ [1]
March 1, 2011

An Action News investigation is breaking new ground after two state police officers have been criminally charged.

Lt. Luke Davis, Lt.. Emmanuel Riopelle and Monroe County resident Lawrence Dusseau face dozens of charges. Davis headed the undercover narcotics unit that operated out of a non-descript house in Monroe County. The indictment alleges he and the others sold off drugs and confiscated goods for their own profit.

The Action News Investigators have exclusive audio reportedly of the rogue cops caught on tape during a drug raid. The audio comes from a local man, Rudy Simpson, alleging heavy handed and unprofessional police tactics.  Simpson says he was a victim of these tactics in a drug raid on his home.

It all centers around State Police Lt.  Davis, now facing corruption charges. In June of 2008, the OMNI Drug Task Force, headed by Davis, executed a search warrant on Simpson’s Monroe County home. They based the search on an anonymous tip and a marijuana stem they said they found in his garbage. When the cops came in, Rudy’s band was practicing in his basement recording studio.

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