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Could S.978 Put Justin Bieber in Jail?

Fox Chicago [1]
October 28, 2011

Teen pop star Justin Bieber has become a symbol in a fight against a new bill pending in Congress.

The non-profit organization Fight for the Future recently launched a website [2] and campaign named “Free Bieber.” The website refers to a bill that would make posting a video containing any copyrighted work a felony that could result in up to five years in prison.

“But wait … didn’t Justin Bieber get famous by posting YouTube videos of himself singing copyrighted R&B songs?” the website states. “Yep, if this new bill passes, he could get 5 years in jail.”

The website goes on to display more photos of a jailed Bieber as it states what the organization claims could happen, such as a prosecutor proving Bieber benefited commercially and a judge sentencing him to jail. It ends by asking people to sign a petition against the bill.

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