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Damian Lewis confronted by drunken man in U.S. who thought he was a terrorist because of Homeland TV role

UK Daily Mail [1]
Oct 8, 2012

Homeland star Damian Lewis has revealed how he feared he was going to get beaten up for playing a terrorist.

The Emmy winning actor said he was confronted by an angry American while filming the series where he plays a US Marine who has been “turned” by a terrorist group.

He said his portrayal of the traitor was so convincing that people actually believed he was real.

The confrontation came as he filmed Homeland in Charlotte, North Carolina.

He told Knoxville.com: ‘There was a slightly hairy moment down in Charlotte.’

‘There was a barbecue going on, and there was a bunch of Southern boys there drinking beer, eating fried chicken, eating steak.

‘One of them comes up to me and says “So you’re playing a terrorist?'”

A nervous Lewis then said: ‘I actually don’t know yet.

‘He looked me in the eye, slightly drunk, blurry-eyed – and I thought, ‘I’m about to get my head pulverized.’

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