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Dark arts master Harry Potter to blame for Obama, claims professor

Eric Owens
Daily Caller [1]
August 13, 2013

A new media-related study by a professor at the University of Vermont claims that the seven Harry Potter books “played a small but not insignificant role” in the election of President Barack Obama.

Political science professor Anthony Gierzynski is the man behind the novel argument, reports [2] The College Fix. He asserts that Millennials — the generation of Americans born from 1980 onward — have supported Obama in massive numbers because they were brainwashed by the moral lessons contained in British author J. K. Rowling’s mega-best-selling fantasy series chronicling the adventures of a young wizard.

“The lessons fans internalized about tolerance, diversity, violence, torture, skepticism and authority made the Democratic Party and Barack Obama more appealing to fans of Harry Potter in the current political environment,” Gierzynski said in an email to The Fix.

Gierzynski reached his conclusions concerning Harry Potter’s political influence by surveying over 1,000 Millennial-aged college students at seven universities around the country.

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