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DARPA is looking for ways to ‘slow biological time’ to improve soldiers’ chances of survival on the battlefield

Daily Mail [1]
March 6, 2018

The Pentagon is hoping to tap into the incredible survival techniques of some of nature’s hardiest creatures to ‘slow biological time’ on the battlefield.

DARPA’s new program, dubbed Biostasis, aims to develop ways to buy extra time for wounded soldiers between the moment of injury and first medical treatment.

This window, known as the ‘golden hour,’ is a critical for survival – but in reality, it’s often far less than sixty minutes.

With the Biostasis program, DARPA hopes to slow down biochemical processes in living cells, to prolong the amount of time it takes before a system collapses.

According to DARPA, the idea is essentially: ‘slow life to save life.’

In nature, some organisms are able to use proteins to control cellular functions in a way that allows this.

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