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Deaths: “Flu Complications?”

Karen De Coster
Lew Rockwell Blog [1]
Jan 10, 2013

Lew Rockwell – based on your recent blog post, are you implying that you are a vaccination denier [2]? I am shocked, shocked, shocked!

It is hilarious how serious this topic is approached by the FOXcaster in the video [3]: if people exhibit symptoms – such sore throat, fever, cough, runny/stuffed nose(!), chills, headache, fatigue, or body aches – they should immediately seek attention, possibly even at a hospital. As my Dad (RIP) would say to things like this: we are a nation of idiots. Good for this doctor who appeared on FOX for being a denier of the false conventional wisdom.

Along the same lines, five deaths in Michigan (I repeat, five) has put the Michigan Department of Community Health into action, calling for everyone to immediately get the flu shot [4]. I watched the news while in the gym the other day, as this story unfolded, and the feature story was about a teenage boy who died from “the flu.” Just like so many of these deaths, only at the end of the story do they use the terminology “influenza related.” Turns out this boy, like many others, got the flu, then contracted pneumonia, then died in a hospital after contracting a staph infection. These deaths are reported as “flu complications.” They are all over the news [5]. But often, it is not reported that the pneumonia and staph are contracted while in the hospital. The media skews the stories and reports these deaths as “deaths from the flu.”

If you want to get sick or die, just go to a hospital, especially to have a routine operation. We almost lost my father to a staph infection during a hospital stay. Following his death from other causes, we almost lost my mother, who contracted a staph infection after a routine operation and a stay in the hospital. She was in a state of organ failure due to the staph infection, in intensive care, and she was pulled out of it with last-minute medical heroics. In 2012, my brother entered the hospital and contracted a staph infection on his leg, and he ended up with his leg being amputated. But ‘deaths by hospital’ or body part amputations almost never end up in a news story. But there was this 2010 story in the Wall Street Journal [6] on death by hospital. In fact, 80,000 people per year develop catheter-related bloodstream infections [7].