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Debt-Limit Vote Breaks GOP Pledge to Post Bills Online for 3 Days Before Vote

Penny Starr
CNS News [1]
Aug 2, 2011

When the House of Representatives voted this evening on legislation to increase the limit on the federal debt by as much as $2.4 trillion, House Republicans broke a promise included in their 2010Pledge to America to post the text of bills online “for at least three days” before bringing them up for a vote.

“We will ensure that bills are debated and discussed in the public square by publishing the text online for at least three days before coming up for a vote in the House of Representatives,” said the Pledge to America [2]. “No more hiding legislative language from the minority party, opponents, and the public. Legislation should be understood by all interested parties before it is voted on.”

This Pledge to America was released on Sept. 23, 2010, in the midst of the 2010 congressional campaign season, which ended with the Republicans taking back control of the House of Representatives from the Democrats.

Explaining the Republicans’ vision in a response to President Obama’s radio address on Oct. 30, 2010—just before the election—Rep. John Boehner explained that “Americans should have three days to read all bills before Congress votes on them.”

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