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Dem Rep. Tlaib: We’re Going To Take Money From The Rich And ‘Give It Back to the People, Those Who Earned It’

Weasel Zippers [1]
July 23, 2019

Viva la socialism!

TLAIB: “Recently I introduced the BOOST Act. This legislation completely repeals the GOP tax scam that is only helping wealthy individuals, the rich, the corporations. And do you know what I did with that money? Do you know what I said? We are going to go ahead and put it into the pockets of folks like everyday Americans. If you make less than $100,000 you are going to get up to $6000 in your pocket, and if you make less than $50,000 you’re going to get $3000. That’s what we do with our public dollars. We give it back to the people, the people that earned it.”