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Democrat Party Bosses Panicked Over Bernie Sanders

“This has gotten way out of hand.”

So goes the oft-repeated refrain from top-tier DNC bosses to rank and file operatives who are all now scrambling to try and figure out what is an increasingly serious Bernie Sanders dilemma.

The Sanders’ dynamic playing out within the Democrat Party is in fact a far greater and more important story than the Donald Trump vs GOP Establishment meme that the Mainstream Media has put on a repeating loop for the last several months. As combative and boisterous as Trump can be, his views represent a significant wing of BOTH the Republican and Democrat parties and are ultimately, a newly emerged America first sentiment that appeals to millions of voters.

Bernie Sanders on the other hand is a devoted socialist who has for the entirety of his adult life denounced the fundamental tenets of the Great American Experiment. He left the United States to honeymoon in the then-Soviet Union, a top-down government monstrosity that literally enslaved hundreds of millions of people across the globe. The USSR was, as President Ronald Reagan so assertively put it decades earlier, “…an evil empire.”

Sanders is the epitome of the radical 1960’s I hate America, crowd and his current appeal to so many younger voters is the direct result of an American educational system that has for some forty years been controlled by that very same hate America agenda. If not for the Democrat Party’s selection of Hillary Clinton as its 2016 nominee (a direct result of an earlier agreement between the Obama and Clinton Machines) Bernie Sanders would not be posing a serious challenge for the Democrat presidential nomination.

Hillary Clinton is simply an unlikable, lying, and utterly out of touch with reality choice that has now come back to haunt the Democrat Party Establishment.

“They have no idea what to do with Sanders. They don’t want to offend and politically displace his supporters while at the same time knowing that if this thing continues to grow, it will destroy the Democrat Party.”

Things are said to have become so panicked and contentious inside 430 S. Capitol St, (DNC headquarters) that current DNC Chair, Debbie Wasserman Schultz has been warned this could prove the end of her career if she does not somehow find a way to successfully navigate the morass of the Bernie Sanders phenomena.

“She won’t be able to get a job washing dishes in this town.”

A clear sign of the panic button being pushed was when the Clinton campaign most recently was literally begging for more public debates and the DNC power structure happily encouraged that request. It was their hope that the more Sanders spoke, the less appealing he would become – a similar ploy utilized by the RNC to handle the, “Trump factor.”

Unfortunately for them, that tactic has yet to work. If anything, it has diminished Hillary Clinton’s appeal as the sound of her strident voice, her repeated wide-eyed refusal to accept any blame for wrongdoing, and the ever-increasing allegations of pay to play scandal and Wall Street millions has educated an entirely new generation of voters to the stink that has always permeated the Clinton political dynasty.

South Carolina is now the proverbial fire wall for Clinton 2016. The Clinton Machine has deep ties to the southern state and is spending millions to ensure victory in that soon-to-be primary battle. From there, the campaign hopes to see Sanders pushed back and ultimately off, of the nomination stage.

There is one very significant caveat to that outcome, though:

Should the FBI move forward with a recommendation that formal charges be brought against Hillary Clinton for the myriad of allegations surrounding her use of a private email and the possible pay-to-play wrongdoing involving the Clinton Foundation, Mrs Clinton will not likely survive that outcome. If the Obama Department of Justice refuses to proceed with the FBI’s recommendation, (as has already been rumored) Hillary Clinton would prove too toxic even for the notoriously forgiving Democrat voter.

At that point the DNC will be operating at DEFCON 1 – Doomsday scenario with a candidate still ready and willing to whisper sweet nothings to the American voter in an attempt to make this persistent Bernie problem all better: