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Democrats Cover Up Bush Era War Crimes

George Washington’s Blog [1]
Tuesday, Nov 18, 2008

The Associated Press writes [2]:

“Two Obama advisers said there’s little—if any—chance that the incoming president’s Justice Department will go after anyone involved in authorizing or carrying out interrogations that provoked worldwide outrage.”

And when Senate Judiciary Chairman Patrick Leahy was asked if Bush officials could face war crimes, he responded:

“In the United States, no. These things are not going to happen.”

This is not entirely surprising, given that Democratic congress members Nancy Pelosi, Jane Harman and John D. Rockefeller [3] were secretly briefed on torture many, many years ago, and yet did nothing to stop those unlawful programs. Indeed, they egged the torturers on (for example, the above-linked Washington Post article says “no objections were raised. Instead, at least two lawmakers in the room asked the CIA to push harder“).

Remember, those who authorize or cover up war crimes are themselves guilty of war crimes [4]. The Democratic leadership thus has every incentive to cover up war crimes [3].

The fix is already in. Only massive pressure on the government can force war crimes trials.