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Desperate Republicans Float Prospect of Convention Coup to Overthrow Trump

Conservatives attempt to rally support behind Trump coup

Adan Salazar
Prison Planet.com
June 9, 2016

Conservatives who still have reservations over supporting Donald Trump for their party’s nomination are floating the incredible improbability of a staged coup at the GOP convention in July.

Numerous media outlets jumped on statements coming from Republicans following Trump’s comments pointing out the possible bias of a judge presiding over one of his business’s highly publicized court cases.

Over the weekend, Trump defended remarks regarding his Trump University case [1], which is being presided over by Judge Gonzalo Curiel, “a Mexican,” Trump says, who may oppose his border wall idea.

(That notion was later reinforced when Judge Curiel was revealed to be a member of the La Raza Lawyers of San Diego [2], as well as a member of the Hispanic National Bar Association [3] – an organization which declared a boycott of all Trump businesses after he announced his presidential bid.)

Despite the fact Trump has surpassed the number of bound delegates necessary to win the nomination outright, some conservatives are now urging their fellow Republican party members to change the convention rules or vote their consciences at the RNC convention next month in Cleveland.

Conservative radio host Erick Erickson said Trump’s comments referring to the judge’s race could provide the ammunition necessary to push him out in July.

“There is a rapidly moving train toward the convention to try to obstruct it at the convention,” Erickson told Yahoo! News [4] Wednesday. “Trump in the last 72 hours has given hope to people who think it’s now possible.”

Another conservative radio host, Hugh Hewitt – whose failed predictions include Ted Cruz would be the party’s nominee [5] and a contested convention [6] at the RNC in July – also urged the party to dump Trump at the convention.

“I want to support the nominee of the party, but I think the party ought to change the nominee. Because we’re going to get killed with this nominee,” Hewitt again predicted on The Hugh Hewitt Show [7]. “They ought to get together and let the convention decide. And if Donald Trump pulls over a makeover in the next four to five weeks, great, they can keep him.”

And yet another syndicated conservative radio host, Steve Deace, yesterday prodded bound delegates to “make this stop.”

“History is calling you to step up to the plate. You have not a choice but an obligation. You must save the country,” Deace told delegates via his radio show [7].

In a column Saturday, Deace argued that Republican delegates – bound or unbound – are free to vote their conscience at the convention and that the rules “are in place to protect the system from just such a leader.”

Previous Iowa GOP chair AJ Spiker also pleaded with party members this week to stop Trump in Cleveland.

And former GOP contender and Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker yesterday suggested he was still not ready to endorse Trump, ominously telling WKOW [9], “He’s not yet the nominee.”

Of course, the likelihood of the nomination being stolen out from underneath Trump at this point is infinitesimally low.

For one, he’s earned over 1,500 bound delegates when he only needed a total of 1,237 to clinch the nomination.

On top of that Trump has shattered the Republican Party voter turnout record bringing over 13.4 million voters to the polls.

Additionally, Trump’s past incendiary statements have done little to undermine his popularity, instead working to do the exact opposite.