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DHS and FBI: Anarchists May Use IEDs at Conventions

Kurt Nimmo
Prison Planet.com
August 23, 2012

The Department of Homeland Security and the FBI have issued a bulletin to law enforcement warning that “anarchist extremists” may use IEDs, or Improvised Explosive Devices, at the Republican and Democrat national conventions.

“FBI and DHS assess with high confidence anarchist extremists will target… infrastructure in Tampa and Charlotte, with potentially significant impacts on public safety and transportation,” CNN [1] reports.

The Pentagon is pushing the virtually non-existent threat of domestic IEDs in order to finish off what remains of Posse Comitatus and further militarize state and local law enforcement and contrive additional pretexts for the eventual implementation of martial law.

In July, Lt. Gen. Michael Barbero [2], who heads up the military’s Joint Improvised Explosive Device Defeat Organization, testified before a partially closed House Committee on Homeland Security hearing.

“The domestic IED threat from both homegrown terrorists and global threat networks is real and presents a significant security challenge for the United States and our international partners,” Barbero stated.

Despite a complete lack of evidence that terrorists plan to use IEDs in the United States, Republican Congressmen Peter King of New York, Daniel Lungren of California, and Michael McCaul of Texas, leaders of the House Committee on Homeland Security, issued a hysterical warnings last month.

McCaul lamented Posse Comitatus and its restrictions on the military working with local law enforcement.

“To me, it’s crazy that the guy who is the expert on IEDs overseas can’t coordinate with the Texas Rangers,” said McCaul [3], a former counterterrorism official with the Justice Department. “The military is unable to coordinate with state and local law enforcement, leaving a gaping hole in our security.”

According to the latest FBI bulletin, “anarchist extremists” proposed “engaging in potentially destructive criminal activities against critical infrastructure outside the security perimeter throughout the Tampa Bay region because they expected access to the main RNC venue to be tightly controlled.”

“During past national and international political and economic events, anarchist extremists have blocked streets, intersections, and bridges to disrupt or impede local business operations and public transportation access and, in some instances have initiated violent confrontations with police,” the document states, according to CNN.

CNN, known for its links to the U.S. Army’s Fourth Psychological Operations Group [4], reports “that before the 2008 Republican National Convention in Minneapolis, anarchists discussed blocking bridges and sky walks, taking over a radio station, targeting corporations and identifying hotels where delegates were staying.”

It was later discovered that anarchist violence at the 2008 RNC was staged by a known government operative, Brandon Darby [5]. Authorities would later charge eight protesters as terrorists [6] under the Patriot Act for plotting violence during the convention. On September 16, 2010, prosecutors dismissed felony charges [7] against three defendants.

Anarchist groups are notoriously easy to infiltrate and are routinely used to stage property vandalism which is hyped by the establishment media and used as an excuse by police to crack down on legitimate demonstrations. Anarchist agents provocateurs were used at the G20 Summit in Pittsburgh [8], at the London G20 [9] and the Montreal G20 [10], at the Olympics in 2010 in Vancouver [11], and at the North American Union summit in Montebello, Quebec [12], in 2007. The latter incident was documented in a video that went viral on the internet.

The CNN report mentions a supposedly bungled plot [13] by five self described anarchists [14] who allegedly planned to blow up the Cuyahoga Valley Scenic Railroad Brecksville Station and a bridge by remote detonation using C-4 plastic explosives earlier this year. Like virtually all terrorist plots busted by the FBI, the Ohio plot was arranged by [15]a FBI informant [15] who exploited an “anarchist” suffering from mental illness.

Since September 11, 2001, the FBI has built a huge network of informants. Many of them are convicted criminals. The agency maintains a roster of 15,000 spies, Trevor Aaronson [16] wrote for Mother Jones last year. For every informant officially listed, Aaronson notes, the agency has as many as three unofficial ones, according to a FBI official.

CNN reports the government bulletin also warns that anarchists are “obtaining firearms training and preparing for violence with groups they oppose — such as white supremacists.”

As exhaustively documented by Infowars.com, the white supremacist movement in the United States is also controlled by the FBI.

On Wednesday, we reported on establishment media claims that white supremacists, skinheads and neo-Nazis are joining to U.S. military and preparing for a “racial holy war.” The sensational report follows on the heels of the latest effort by the Pentagon to ferret out violent racists following the shooting of Sikh worshippers in Wisconsin, allegedly by Wade Michael Page [17], who served in the psychological operations unit at Fort Bragg.

According to Homeland Security News Wire [18], the federal government considers “extremist domestic organizations” as dangerous, if not more so, than foreign terrorist organizations.

It is now ramping up propaganda and fear ahead of the establishment political conventions that will install the next president who will continue the destruction of the Constitution and the Bill of Rights, continue and intensify the globalist wars and simultaneously build a police state and surveillance apparatus at home.