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DNA samples from 1.1milion children held on register as Labour ‘plots database by stealth’

UK Daily Mail [1]
Friday, Feb 27, 2009

Ministers are sneaking in sweeping powers to collect and retain more DNA samples, it has been revealed.

DNA samples taken from 1.1million children are being held on an ever expanding government database.

The figures, revealed yesterday, show that 1.09million DNA profiles of people aged under 18 were held on the database with 337,000 under 16.

The Metropolitan Police has added the largest number of profiles to the register including 117,000 boys and 33,000 girls.



The new figures come as it was claimed ministers are sneaking sweeping powers to collect and retain more DNA samples.

  • A d v e r t i s e m e n t

The Tories said the Government was attempting to give itself a ‘blank cheque’ to store swabs and fingerprints of criminals and those cleared of wrongdoing.

They claim Labour is trying to expand the amount of biometric data they store without subjecting the controversial plan to full Parliamentary scrutiny.

Jacqui Smith has been forced to reassess the UK’s national database after European judges said it was unlawful for police to keep the records of innocent citizens.

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