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Do You Femi-Nazis Feel Equal to Men Now?

David Kramer
Lew Rockwell Blog [1]
Oct 12, 2012

Well, it looks like women have finally equaled their male counterpart by being allowed to murder innocent civilians in Asia—and being lauded for it. Of course, Femi-Nazis believe that women should only be allowed to have weapons when they are murdering for their male superiors of the State. That’s their pathetic idea of gender “equality.” When it comes to a woman having a personal weapon to defend herself, that’s a no-no [2]. For that, they are expected to wait for the (in all likelihood) male cop to show up AFTER they’ve been raped to, uh, protect(?) them.

(Fortunately, there are some women [3] who do understand the logic of owning a gun for personal defense.)