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Do YOU ‘sleep text’? Study finds latest tech condition can lead to strange messages sent during the night that people don’t remember writing

Daily Mail [1]
December 7, 2018

Sleeping with your phone next to your pillow is a bad habit, but researchers have found it can lead to even worse behavior.

Millennials are increasingly falling prey to ‘sleep texting,’ a new study from Villanova University has found.

A growing number of college-aged students are texting people as they drift off to sleep, or are still asleep – only to forget having sent the messages the next morning.

Researchers surveyed 372 college students at two mid-sized universities to get a feel for their sleeping habits.

In particular, they tracked the students’ cell phone use during sleep and their quality of sleep.

Students were asked how many hours they sleep on weeknights and weekends, as well as where they keep their phone while they sleep.

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