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DOJ sought to surveil several thousand U.S. citizens in 2012

Josh Peterson
Daily Caller [1]
May 16, 2013

The Justice Department sought the authority to spy on several thousand “United States persons” in 2012, according to a letter the department recently sent to Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid.

The letter, which was dispatched on April 30, said the FBI made 15,229 requests in 2012 for electronic surveillance using the federal government’s National Security Letter authorities. The Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court, commonly called the “FISA court,” handled the applications.

“These sought information pertaining to 6,233 different United States persons,” wrote Principal Deputy Assistant Attorney General Peter Kadzik in the letter.

The report does not specify how many of these National Security Letter requests were granted. The requests differ from typical subpoenas, because they seek only non-content information (such as phone numbers, instead of the content of phone conversations) and do not require approval from the judicial branch.

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