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Donald Trump praises Boris Johnson, urges him to ‘get together’ with Nigel Farage to form an ‘unstoppable’ election pact

Daily Mail [1]
November 1, 2019

Donald Trump tonight lavished praise on Boris Johnson and urged him to strike an election pact with Nigel Farage as the US President launched a stinging attack on Jeremy Corbyn. 

Mr Trump said if Mr Johnson and Mr Farage ‘get together’ and form an alliance before December 12 they would be ‘unstoppable’.

He then warned voters against backing Mr Corbyn at the ballot box as he said the Labour¬†leader would be ‘so bad’ for the UK.

He also rubbished Mr Corbyn’s claims that the NHS would be on the table during post-Brexit trade talks between the UK and US.

The US President made the bombshell intervention during an unexpected interview with Mr Farage on LBC this evening on the day the general election campaign began in earnest.

Mr Farage has repeatedly offered Mr Johnson an electoral pact to avoid splitting the Leave vote – but only if the PM agreed to ditch his deal with Brussels and campaign for a ‘clean break’ from the EU.

Mr Johnson has so far rejected the offer and has insisted he will campaign on a pledge to deliver his Brexit deal.

However, Mr Trump piled the pressure on the PM to change his mind tonight as he backed Mr Farage, his political ally, and suggested together the Tories and Brexit Party could do something ‘terrific’.

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