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Donna Brazile Predicts 25 People Running For Democrat President Nomination in 2020

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The Last Refuge
November 23, 2017

I somewhat agree with Mrs. Brazile, but I doubt she’ll ever be honest with the reason.

Anyone who has watched the ongoing internal battle within the larger Democrat party will note the institutional apparatus is about to make a major concession.  More than likely the Democrat machine will drop “super delegates” from the system.

The control authority will sell the removal of ‘super delegates‘ as confirmation they are reforming and listening to the people.  However, things are not quite as they would appear.  The institutional control agents will NEVER give up their control over the nomination process; they don’t even carry that genetic possibility in their DNA strain.

As an insider and life-long party benefactor, Donna Brazile outlines her view on the future. A future that almost everyone reading these pages will be very familiar with.


Remember the adage, ‘history repeats’. What Brazile is outlining is exactly the same conversation you might remember from the republican wing of the UniParty circa 2009; and expanded later in the 2013 GOP autopsy. There’s a strategy behind running a field of candidates; a control strategy; a “splitter strategy“.

  • A d v e r t i s e m e n t

Is the Democrat institutional apparatus actually going to do the same thing the Republican institutional apparatus did in 2012 and again in 2016?  Sure looks like it. Only for the Democrats it will most likely be successful.  The Dem voters don’t understand it.

The GOP “splitter strategy” first surfaced in the 2011/2012 presidential primary to the benefit of Mitt Romney.  Once we realized the rough outline, and then later saw the attendance at the party planning meetings, and subsequently watched the formation of the 2014 GOP rulebook for the 2016 primary, we called it out.

October through Christmas 2014 we predicted 10-14 Republican presidential candidates because it was obvious the chosen plan needed them. Additionally, if Donald Trump had not entered the race, the GOP would have successfully pulled it off. Jeb Bush would have been the nominee by design, and Hillary Clinton would be the current president.

So it’s not a surprise to see the Democrats formulating the same plan. The basic elements are the same. The DNC party apparatus (donors and influence agents) will select the candidate. Then they will construct the road-map to the nomination using blockers, controlled opposition, dark horse candidates and splitters to carefully guide that chosen candidate to victory. The Democrat electorate will be oblivious to it.

The national party apparatus coordinates with the state party machines.  Everything is always top down, timed, mapped out and planned by design.  This doesn’t mean the downstream state party individuals need to know the specifics, because they don’t.

The 2020 chosen Democrat presidential candidate will, most likely, be female.

Each of the remaining candidates will be shaped to guide that chosen candidate to the primary victory.

•Cory Booker (D-N.J.), •Kirsten Gillibrand (D-N.Y.), •Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.), •Kamala Harris (D-Calif.), •Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe, •Colorado Gov. John Hickenlooper, •New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo, •Senator Bernie Sanders (I or D), •Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti, •Julian Castro (San Antonio Mayor) and •Tulsi Gabbard (D-HI) will likely each play a specific role.

Again, only four to six of the splitters need to know the goal (who they will endorse); the rest simply flow as a natural outcome – it looks authentic that way.

The super-interesting positions in the splitter strategy are always the “Dark Horse” and the “Controlled Opposition”.

In 2015/2016, for the GOP plan, the Chosen One was Jeb Bush.  The Dark Horse was Marco Rubio and the Controlled Opposition was Ted Cruz.   Most of the rest were free-range splitters who would naturally just split the vote to pave the way for Jeb Bush to outlast and win with 15%-20% support.

The 2015 4-6 splitters who were doingparty bidding included: Carly Fiorina, Lindsey Graham, George Pataki, Jim Gilmore and John Kasich.

The others: Chris Christie, Rand Paul, Scott Walker, Mike Huckabee, Rick Santorum, Rick Perry, Ben Carson and Bobby Jindal just needed encouragement, support, facilitation and seed money to earnestly (blindly) contribute toward the overall GOP party goal.

As long as no individual candidate gains more support than the Chosen One the entire system works.   For the GOP in 2016 the problem was Donald Trump was an ‘outsider’ who led the field from August of 2015 polling all the way to the convention.

[The GOP primary engineers did not anticipate Trump in their plan when it was constructed in 2014.  Anticipate the Democrats to correct this fatal flaw for their version]

♦ For the Democrats in 2020, so far they don’t have a Trump-type ‘outsider’ candidate; and unless a billionaire activist steps up they might not have one; or they might ‘create‘ one as part of the corrective control plan to address the ‘fatal flaw‘.

The Chosen One will be woman the donor class puts the greatest money behind. She will also have Hillary Clinton’s endorsement.   However, the Dark Horse and Controlled Opposition roles are pretty well established and predictable.

  • For the Democrats in 2019 Elizabeth Warren will likely play the role of Ted Cruz 2015 (controlled opposition).
  • For the Democrats in 2019 Bernie Sanders or Julian Castro will likely be the Marco Rubio (dark horse).

The Democrat electorate will be oblivious to the design.  I’m very confident the DNC will be able to pull this off.  Additionally, my confidence in the ignorance of the average grassroots Democrat, is very strong.


Simple.  If Democrats didn’t see the DNC manipulating the system for Hillary Clinton in 2015/2016, before Wikileaks beat them over the head with it, they are obviously not independently capable of thought and intellectual honesty.

This article was posted: Thursday, November 23, 2017 at 7:23 am

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