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Doomsday professor: WE’RE ALL GONNA DIE BY 2040 (from global warming)

Eric Owens
Daily Caller [1]
October 24, 2013

Well, humans of the world, your species has enjoyed a nice run but it’s all going to be over within 30 years.

In a speech last week at the University of Colorado Boulder Guy McPherson, professor emeritus at the University of Arizona, said humans are “about as special as bacteria,” reports The College Fix [2]. He forecasted the demise of human civilization and, in fact, most human beings by 2040.

The professor was speaking to a crowd of about 80 people. The CU Environmental Center, which is funded by mandatory student fees, co-sponsored the talk. As the Daily Caller News Foundation reported in September, McPherson regularly prophesies doom for all earthlings.

The dour guest professor’s speech did not disappoint his gloomy acolytes. McPherson blamed massive, rapid climate change for the impending doom of the planet and the human species. The underlying causes of warming are oil drilling, which produces too much methane, and the burning of huge amounts of fossil fuels.

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