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Drones should be included in arms reduction treaties, says medical charity

Sarah Boseley
London Guardian [1]
Oct 13, 2012

A global medical charity is calling for drones to be included in international arms limitations treaties, arguing that on top of the physical harm they wreak they also inflict psychological harm – both when they strike and by causing innocent people to live in fear.

A report by Medact, whose members are health professionals, says there are many reasons to be concerned about the increasing use of unmanned, armed drones.

It says: “In addition to the number of deaths and injuries of innocent civilians, we also have concerns about the psychological damage to people living under the constant threat of drone attack and to service personnel who carry out the assassinations.

“There is also some evidence that medical personnel and others who arrive at the scene to assist the injured have been targeted in drone attacks. This is a war crime.”

Full article here [1]