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Drudge Report: Officially The Most Visited News Site In The World

Prison Planet.com
August 15, 2016

If you discount the fact the MSN.com is the default browser page for windows computers, The Drudge Report is now officially the biggest news website in the world. Bigger than Time Warner, bigger than Google, bigger than every newspaper and media corporation in the world.

From Similarweb.com [1]:

At the top of the publishers ranking, MSN remains the gold standard, maintaining their number 1 position and even increasing page-views from 1.817 billion in June to 1.992 billion in July. After MSN, the rankings start to differ slightly from June, as Matt Drudge, publisher of drudgereport.com [2] has moved up from 3rd to 2nd place overall. Dating back to our media rankings in February [3], Drudge had never reached higher than 3rd, but with a strong July of 1.472 billion page-views, the media publisher has pushed ahead of Disney and others for second place.

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