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Drugged soldier recorded describing the killing of Afghan civilians

ProPublica [1]
Sept 28, 2010

One of five soldiers accused by the Army of involvement in the premeditated killings of Afghan civilians is scheduled to appear before a military judge [2] today — on the same day ABC News aired tapes [3] that show his confession to investigators about his own involvement and the involvement of several other soldiers in the slayings.

In the tape, Spc. Jeremy Morlock, 22, described his role in a plan to kill three Afghan civilians — a plan that he said was organized by his unit’s sergeant, Calvin Gibbs.

Here’s what he said of Sergeant Gibbs:

“He pulled out one of his grenades. American grenade. You know, popped it, throws the grenade, and then tells me and Winfield, all right dude, you know, whack this guy. You know, kill this guy, kill this guy,” Morlock describes on the tape.

As we’ve noted [4], the charge sheets describe [5]how American soldiers orchestrated the shooting of Afghan civilians by first throwing a grenade — making it seem as if the civilian had thrown it — and using it as a pretext for opening fire on the civilian. Gibbs, like Morlock, is charged with involvement in all three deaths.

Full article here [6]

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