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Dumbed Down Author in ‘Shallow’ Attempt to Demonise Non-Linear Thinkers

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Neil Foster
Sovereign Independent
Tuesday, September 7, 2010

According to Nicolas Carr in his new book, promoted by the Irish Independent in an ad thinly disguised as an article, the internet is dumbing us all down.


His respect for the public is evident in the title of his book, ‘The Shallows’, which is used in the derogatory sense to label internet users as ‘shallow’. Really Mr. Carr, patronising and insulting folks won’t sell many books!

We’re becoming an illiterate bunch it seems and he hates the way we’re being trained by the internet to stop thinking in a linear fashion.

If that really is the case then we should be celebrating the fact that we can now think outside the box because most of us, the vast majority of the general public have done nothing in their lives but think inside the box using linear thinking.

If you’re one of those people who can see the cons, think for yourself after contemplating all the options, then you’re apparently affected by what you’ve learned to the extent that you’ve become more stupid.

That is the basis of Mr. Carr’s idiotic argument. The truth is that the internet has enabled people to share much more information around the world instantly thereby countering the mainstream media’s continued and accelerated efforts to ensure we stay firmly inside the box created by them with the lid firmly shut.

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Mr. Carr also tries his hand at a bit of double speak when he compares the internet to calculators, rock & roll and moronically television claiming that none of these have done any harm to society and any ‘dire warnings’ were overstated.

Well Mr. Carr, I’ve got news for you in case you haven’t been out much lately, SOCIETY IS IN A MESS due in a very large part to even those 3 beacons of progress you hold up as benign. Coincidently the word ‘benign’ in the dictionary comes closely between the word ‘benighted’ meaning ‘lacking cultural, moral or intellectual enlightenment’ and the word ‘bent’ on meaning of which is ‘corrupt’.

Haven’t you noticed sir that children can no longer count without a calculator? Haven’t you noticed the lack of morality due to the advent of rock & roll and the utter idiocy of the general public who have lost the capacity to think for themselves due to the pervasive and intellectually immoral content on that box we’re all supposed to be addicted to, namely the television box with its television programmes?


Don’t get me wrong, I like rock and roll and other forms of music but at the same time it’s designed to be liked and promoted on television and radio to ensure its liked by enough people otherwise it would be dead.

To suggest that television in particular is a simply a tool of entertainment and to try to suggest otherwise is to treat the general public as the imbecilic mass you seem to think they are from your intellectually superior ivory tower.

Let me suggest you step outside the box and take a good long look into the abyss of the real world created around you and go write another book on how lovely and rosy everything in the garden is in your linear world.

I’ll stay outside the box and gaze in at you, listening to your rock and roll while you punch the keys on your calculator to see how much money you’ve made from your book before you settle down for the night to watch your favourite soap opera.

I might just settle down to do some research on the internet or I may actually read a book of which I’m still perfectly able to do unlike yourself it seems but unfortunately for you and your bank manager it won’t be yours!

This article was posted: Tuesday, September 7, 2010 at 3:33 am

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