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During DNC, local hotels will have a ‘lawful’ presence

Mooresville Tribune [1]
Aug 27, 2012

Mooresville hotels will be brimming with guests a week from now, in anticipation of the Democratic National Convention in Charlotte. But those guests probably won’t bring in the kind of dollars that local restaurants, stores and tourism sites would like.

That’s because most of Mooresville’s 1,100 hotel rooms will be occupied by Secret Service and Homeland Security agents and other law enforcement officers who have one thing in mind – work – and not shopping.

“One hotel manager asked (the government official who booked the rooms) if he could provide the guests with shopping and restaurant information, and he was told they will be here to work, not shop,” said Ron Johnson, chairman of the Mooresville Travel & Tourism Authority.

Like other local officials, Johnson has heard that a substantial number of Mooresville hotel rooms have been booked by federal law enforcement agencies and police officers from throughout the Southeast who will work the convention.

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