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Dutch Bilderberg Queen abdicates in favour of her son

World Mathaba [1]
Jan 29, 2013

Dutch Queen Beatrix, the oldest daughter of Bilderberg Group founder prince Bernhard of Lippe-Biesterfeld and also known as Bilderberg Bea for currently holding the third position in the Bilderberg hierarchy, has abdicated her throne in favor of her eldest son, 45-year-old prince Willem-Alexander.

Beatrix, who will turn 75 on January 31 and who is the oldest ever Dutch monarch, announced to step down in a televised address yesterday. She has reigned the Netherlands for 33 years. The coronation of regular Bilderberg Group attendee Willem-Alexander will take place on April 30.

David Icke [2] on the abdication of the Dutch Queen:

“Bilderberg Regular Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands ‘Royal’ Family (with more skeletons and cupboards than a graveyard and a furniture store, see House of Windsor) abdicates in favour of her son.

You still have a royal family that rules through sexual partners [2], Netherlands? Oh, I have just had it away with my friend’s friend’s best mate and so we now have a future monarch? The king is dead – long live the king?

How quaint and how funny … but the British are far too intelligent to allow that – and the Spanish, Belgians, Danish, Swedish … right?

It was nothing to do with our posting this week was it one-time Princess Beatrix Wilhelmina Armgard of the Netherlands, Princess of Orange-Nassau, Princess of Lippe-Biesterfeld?

We do hope not – you know how much we support rule by genetics and inherited privilege especially by Nazis like your father.”

profile [3] of Willem-Alexander by Dutch whistleblower and pedophile exposer Micha Kat [4] and investigative writer Jurriaan Maessen [5]:

“[…] a word about the oldest brother: William-Alexander, heir to the throne, who accompanies his mother to the annual Bilderberg-meetings. He is certainly no stranger to the long-term ambitions of his family, but- as heir to the throne- keeps his actions much more in the dark than his two brothers. As he is subject to a high degree of scrutiny, this prince passes his time with ‘global water-management’ for the UN. And even in this apparently innocent day job, the prince can hardly refrain from pushing global governance. It’s in his blood, you might say. In a document [6]prepared by the prince for the Johannesburg Summit, he states:

The most important area of global governance with a substantial potential impact on the water sector is the system of international trade.”

Lamenting that: “The effort to develop a much-needed institutional framework for international water governance has met with resistance and been relatively unsuccessful”, the prince recommends to “Have the World Trade Organization develop and consider virtual water balances, using a resource accounting framework, when assessing and negotiating agriculture subsidies and trade in agricultural products.”

Here they go again, have the WTO strangle nation-states into submission by lending and retracting agricultural funding.

In the international arena”, says the prince, “water has shown to be a good catalyst for cooperation between nations.”

At a 2004 meeting of the International Institute for Sustainable Development [7] held at United Nations headquarters in New York, the prince of Orange sat side by side with Bilderberger and Executive Director of UNEP Klaus Töpfer, discussing the “overall review of implementation of Agenda 21.” This, by the way, is the same Töpfer that admitted to an “international consensus on worldwide population control [8]” back in 2000.”