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Edward Snowden accuses big tech companies including Facebook, Google and Amazon of ‘abusing’ customers by collecting personal data and making them vulnerable to surveillance

Daily Mail [1]
November 6, 2019

Edward Snowden has criticised internet giants Google, Amazon, and Facebook for the ‘abuse’ of personal data and argues people need to understand the privacy threat against them.

It has been six years since Snowden unveiled the unnerving extent of the National Security Agency’s mass surveillance activities on the public.

Now he believes tech companies are the ones to blame for the misuse of data, claiming they make populations vulnerable by collecting personal data which they then make available to governments in a ‘Faustian bargain’ or ‘deal with the devil’.

Appearing at Web Summit in Lisbon via video link on Monday Snowden said that people were ‘mad at the right people for the wrong reasons’ and questioned the legality of the data collecting practices, reports Cnet. [2]

Snowden said: ‘These people are engaged in abuse, particularly when you look at Google and Amazon, Facebook and their business model.

‘And yet every bit of it, they argue, is legal. Whether we’re talking about Facebook or the NSA, we have legalised the abuse of the person through the personal.’

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