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Mubarak Refuses To Resign: ‘Will Not Be Dictated To By Orders From Outside’

Thursday, February 10, 2011

CAIRO — President Hosni Mubarak addressed an expectant Egypt on Thursday, saying that he had delegated some powers to his vice president, Omar Suleiman, but would not leave the country.

In a televised speech translated by NBC News, he said he was addressing Egypt’s youth and people in Tahrir Square and the nation, acknowledging the honesty of the demands of the protesters and their intentions.

“By confirming the needs of the people, and by putting Egypt first, I will dissolve the upper levels of government effective immediately and hand my power over to my vice president,” Mubarak said, according to the NBC translation. “This is a major moment of change.”

But Mubarak said he was not leaving Egypt, and said he “cannot and will not accept to be dictated orders from outside” and would remain until elections in September.

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