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Egypt’s Brotherhood calls for intervention in Syria

Al Akhbar [1]
May 28, 2012

Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood called on Arab and other world powers on Monday to militarily intervene in Syria after 108 people were killed in the town of Houla in an attack it blamed on President Bashar Assad’s forces.

Images of the bloodied bodies of children and others slain in Houla have shocked the world and highlighted the challenge of a six-week-old UN-backed ceasefire to stop the violence in the 14-month uprising against Assad’s rule.

“The Muslim Brotherhood calls on Arab, Islamic and international governments … and the people of the free world to intervene to stop these massacres, especially after the failure of international forces and international monitoring to stop them,” spokesman Mahmoud Ghozlan said in a statement.

He did not say exactly what the world should do about Syria.

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