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Eight killed in new China terror attack

Malcolm Moore
London Telegraph [1]
Sunday, Aug 10, 2008

The Xinhua state news agency reported that a “well-planned” attack had occurred at around 2.30am in the town of Kuqa in the south of the predominately-Muslim region.

Xinhua said five attackers had been shot dead by police as they drove taxis into the local Public Security Bureau (PSB) and Administration for Industry and Commerce buildings. Two suspects were also arrested.

The news agency said the details of the attack had been confirmed by the PSB, and that at least two police officers and one security guard had been injured. It said the attackers had used homemade explosives.

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Last Monday, 16 people were killed in Kashgar after two alleged jihadists drove a truck into a group of jogging policemen before throwing handmade grenades. China has blamed the attacks on various East Turkestan terrorist groups, bent on independence for the region.

On Friday, a video was released showing a masked man with a rifle threatening further attacks and advising the local Uighurs, the ethnic minority in the region, to avoid public transport during the Olympics.

Details about the latest attack remain unclear, but Xinhua said military sources had confirmed explosions and that witnesses had seen flashes of gunfire.

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