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Election Prediction

Lew Rockwell [1]
Nov 5, 2012

“The most important election of our lifetimes!” Or so say the propagandists. Will it be the warmongering-welfarist, or the welfarist-warmonger? I can hardly wait.

Meanwhile, here’s one sure result of this orchestrated festival of democracy: the corporate state will win, and the boobeoisie will adjust the blinders so they are more comfortable.

Oh, and the aware will be happy they rejected the sacrament of the state religion, the ballot. They won’t be sullied, and they won’t have wasted their time.

They also know, as George Carlin said, that only non-voters have a right to complain.  As for a regular prediction, see Larry Sabato [2]‘s. He looks for more of the same, rather than the same of more.